Circles Glass Cleaner and Polish - 4 Liters + 700ml Spray

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Circles Glass Cleaner and Polish - 4 Liters + 700ml Spray

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Circles Glass Cleaner and Polish is a perfect blend of efficiency and effectiveness, available in a 4-liter size with a 700ml spray bottle to provide comprehensive cleaning and brilliant shine for all glass surfaces. This product ensures shiny and bright surfaces without any streaks or marks after cleaning.

Product Features:

Versatile Use: Suitable for all glass surfaces, including mirrors, windows, and even glossy surfaces like wood and porcelain.
Guaranteed Effectiveness: Removes dirt and adds unmatched shine and luster, enhancing the beauty and elegance of your home.
High Safety: Its safe formula does not cause allergies and is suitable for use in various environments without concerns about negative effects.

Usage Instructions:

Spray the cleaner directly on the glass surface or on a lint-free cloth.
Wipe in circular motions to evenly distribute the cleaner.
Dry the surface with a dry cloth for the best shine.